Friday, February 19, 2021

Past Jewelry Work

 A Gallery of My Work

This is a gallery of past work that was sold but is no longer available.
Contact me if you would like jewelry that is similar -- but since all my jewelry is handmade and one-of-a-kind, it will look different.

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Enamel Jewelry

Sgraffito with painting enamels on copper with 24k gold foils set in sterling 
with PMC and diamond.
Now in the collection of:
The W. W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation Museum
645 Colfax Ave., Bellevue, KY 41073

Sgraffito enamel pendant on steel with opaque enamel 24k gold foil 
set in sterling pattern wire setting.

Transparent enamel on copper pendant, etched in layers,  stenciled, underglaze pencil, 24k gold foil, set in sterling silver setting.

Sgraffito enamel on steel with found object, free standing sculpture “Greek Muses”
Show info:
“DownEast National Juried Indoor Sculpture Exhibition” Emerge Gallery Greenville, NC, March 2022

Enamel on steel

PMC fine silver clay with enamels and 24k gold foil

Painting enamel pendant set in sterling silver
with tube set diamond 24k gold foils "Cranes" 
Size: 1 1/4"h x 3/4" w 3/8" d

Tree pendant PMC fine silver enameled pendant
Size: 1"h x 1"w x 1/8"d

Enamel art pendant. Painting enamel shell form
painted on white enamel, sterling silver setting.
Size: 1 1/8" H x 5/8" W x 1/4" D

Metal Clay

EZ 960 sterling silver metal clay vessel pendant
with cubic zirconia faceted stone.
Size: 1 1/32" h x 1/2"w cork stopper

Fish box art pendant. PMC fine silver metal clay,
sterling silver wire, cubic zirconia faceted stone. 
Size: 1" x 1" x 3/32" 

EZ960  sterling silver metal clay screw-top vessel pendant
with fine silver wire and lab-grown ruby

Locket closed -- see open view below
EZ960 sterling silver swivel locket pendant
two domed tube riveted sections each side: 7/8"h x 7/8"w x 3/8"d 

Locket open -- see closed view above
EZ960 sterling silver swivel locket pendant
two domed tube riveted sections each side: 7/8"h x 7/8"w x 3/8"d 

Formed fine silver and PMC precious metal clay riveted pendant with 2mm diamond sterling silver setting 
Size: 1 1/4"h x 7/8"w x 3/8"d

PMC fine silver with 22k aura gold and white freshwater pearl
Size: 1 1/2"h x 1.2"w x 1/4"d

PMC fine silver 22k aura gold and tourmaline gemstone
Size: 1 5/8"h x 3/8"w x 3/32"d 


Carved Chalcedony rose set in sterling art adjustable ring
Size: 1'h x 3/4"w back 1/8" w

Sterling silver fold formed hammered
adjustable ring with tube set 2mm diamond.
Size: 3/4"H x 5/8" W